The Bohemian Outsider Story

Hello. Welcome to Bohemian Outsider. So glad you’re here.

Our collection is carefully selected to include quality pieces that focus on fit, style, color and lifestyle. Our passion for helping women feel great while looking effortlessly chic fuels our mission to create stylish, wearable looks and discover emerging designers and brands. 

We look forward to serving you and giving you the best shopping experience. Again, thank you so much for your support!

meet The Team

Sales  and Customer Service

Product Sales Lead

Having experience as an Executive Team Lead at several US and UK retailers and a Planning Analyst at Major Australian retailers, we are excited for all Mary continues to bring to the table.

Product Manager

When Lisa joined in October of 2016, she brought the skills necessary to keep the momentum going. Having worked in corporate retail for four major companies, she was well-equipped to help our clothing develop the back-bone it needed to withstand the retail industry.

David Suarez
Customer Support

David joined us this January to help our evening customer support. Detail-oriented, caring, and efficient, he is  strengthening our values of serving our customers with timely shipments and follow-up service.

Lee Morris
Customer Support

Lee is the most recent addition to our team, but it hasn’t taken long for him to leave his mark. He spent over seven years in the retail services before joining us.

Fulfillment Services
  • Greenville South Carolina Branch
    Manager: Jane Montgomery 
  • Chongqing City Branch
    Manager: Xiaoling Zhang 
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